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Roofing slate is a dense, durable, naturally occurring substance that’s not basically absorbent. Two properties of slate are break and cleavage. It’s natural cleavage, which allows it to be readily divided in one way. Break, generally happening at right angles to the cleavage, is called the grain. So the span of the slate runs in the way of the grain roofing slate generally is split. The surface feel after being carve for commercial use of slate, derives from the features of the stone from. Some slate divides to a smooth, almost even surface, while other outputs a surface that’s irregular and rough.

Its chemical and mineral composition determines the color of slate. Roofing slate can be got in many different colours because these variables differ in different areas. Furthermore, exposure to weather causes slate to shift color. The amount of change varies determined by the slate. Slate presenting minimal color change is known as “permanent” or “unfading” slate. Slate that reveals a more noticeable color change is known as “weathering” slate. Between unfading slate and weathering is “semi weathering” slate.

For centuries, slate has been outstanding longevity and highly acclaimed for its natural beauty, unmatched by other substances. Investing in a slate roofing system is a significant financial obligation. Thus, it’s essential to learn about advantages and drawbacks of slate prior to making a buying decision.


Aesthetic Appearance

Among the most attractive features of slate is its natural beauty. Slate is obtainable in various natural slate colours and textures, and will improve the appearance of any architectural style. Slate’s color choices tiles that sport a mix of colours in addition to contain green, grey, black, purple, reddish.


Can compete with slate as it pertains to longevity few roofing materials. A slate roof will easily last over 100 years, which is at least twice of what other roofing materials can offer. Many slate roofing manufacturing companies offer a 100 year guarantee on their slate roofing systems.


Fully being a natural rock, slate is stronger than any man made substance. High density of slate makes it waterproof, meaning that it won’t consume water. Slate is, in addition, totally non-combustible and will shield your house in the event of a fire. Slate is, in addition, exceptionally resistant to inclement weather conditions and any temperature changes, making it perfect in places prone to snow, heavy rain, and wind.

Less maintenance

Fungus and mould will not affects a slate roof. These properties make a slate roof virtually maintenance free, letting you have the peace of mind, without having to spend additional cash on repairs and pricey upkeep.



One of some variables that discourages many homeowners from installing a slate roof is the high price of labour and materials.

Fragility and Replacing Problems

It can break if stepped on, while slate is an extremely durable material. You shouldn’t walk on slate tiles if you don’t understand what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll damage some of them. Replacing it’s a complex undertaking once a tile is broken. Slate runs by lots and each lot differs, making it extremely hard to locate replacement tiles that are a perfect match.

Complex Setup

The best technique for slate is appropriate setup. It could readily become the cause of some important roof issues if a slate roof isn’t correctly installed. Slate is an extremely specialized roofing system and installing it right does need expertise and some appropriate training. Hiring A Profesional Contractor is the most suitable choice.